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The Stress Strategies Mini Kit

Stress is my personal biggest MS trigger and it is for so many others. But what are we doing to manage stress? Saying I don’t have time? That won’t get us very far.

That is why I created this Stress Strategies Mini Kit.

It is meant to help you get dialed in on what exact activities and tools help you reduce stress, then you create your own schedule to include them in your day or week!

No more wondering if yoga or meditation is the best for you.

No more "I'll do it tomorrow"

How it works:

  • You'll fill out the answers to the prompts given. That will give you ideas on activities & tools to try and things to add to your space physically to help prevent and reduce stress.
  • Then you can take the schedule page and create a self care routine for yourself!

Hi! I'm Alissa.

When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I had no idea that diet and lifestyle would make a difference in my healing and prognosis.

Instead I was given a stack of medication pamphlets and told to "pick one". 

It was the most confusing and lonely time of my life. 

I was experiencing symptoms I never had before and my support system didn't know what to do or say either. 

“I wish I had someone to help me navigate this”

That's why I started my business.

So I can help people like you feel better in your body.