Empower Your Journey

In this short yet informative book, begin your journey into the empowering world of managing Multiple Sclerosis (MS) through a holistic approach. Packed with valuable insights, actionable strategies, and helpful tools, this guide is tailored to individuals seeking to improve their MS symptoms and enhance their overall well-being.


Explore how making conscious choices about what you eat can positively impact your body and mind, helping to alleviate MS symptoms and support your immune system. Learn about the most crucial foods (in my opinion) that can aid in reducing inflammation and promoting optimal health.


Uncover the significance of movement and exercise in managing MS symptoms. Learn how to incorporate movement into your life in a gentle way, not "no pain, no gain".

Stress Management

Gain the tools necessary to cultivate a resilient mindset, enabling you to navigate the challenges of MS with grace and determination.

What You'll Find Inside:

  • What MS is, the different types and support with managing life at diagnosis.
  • What foods to eat to help reduce inflammation and aid in healing.
  • How to move so you feel good in your body but don't cause a flare.
  • Effective ways of managing and reducing stress, so it doesn't control your life.
  • How to put it all together into actionable steps so you can feel confident moving forward instead of feeling paralyzed by overwhelm.
  • Numerous resources, including: journal prompts, worksheets, habit trackers and 3 different meal plans to help you take action.

Alissa is the practitioner and blogger behind LissMS. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and AIP Certified Coach.

She works with individuals who have Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological disorders and creates individual protocols that help her clients improve their symptoms, feel better in their skin and create a lifestyle that improves their health and a life they love.

What is included

  • Information on MS and symptom management via diet, movement and stress management
  • Easy action step suggestions to get started putting what you learned into action
  • 3 Self Assessments to help figure out what area to begin working with
  • Journal Prompts to help figure out your why and go deeper with working on your mindset
  • Monthly Plan sheets where you can plan out your new habits
  • Habit Tracker to keep track of it all!
  • 3 New Meal Plans to help get you started with ideas (Paleo, Autoimmune Protocol and Wahls Protocol)
  • Printer Friendly version of the book and meal plans
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