Holistically Healing MS:

A 7 week guide to start your journey…

Being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis can be a scary and isolating time. 

I know because I’ve been there.

It might feel like your body is betraying you or even giving out on you. 

It might feel like you’re never going to be yourself again. 

It might feel like your future has been stolen.

But the truth is, that doesn’t have to be your reality. 

Unfortunately, doctors don’t really talk about other treatments besides medication. (And have you read those side effects?!)

Yes, conventional medications can do wonders for us, but is there more to it than that? 

My opinion is ABSOLUTELY.

In fact, when I was diagnosed with MS almost 12 years ago, I started out on a medication. However, when I was still dealing with debilitating fatigue and horrible pain years later, I knew I needed something else to help my symptoms. I searched for answers, and found them in holistic and alternative treatments.

Learning how to holistically heal MS with diet and lifestyle changes is empowering and invaluable. (It literally changed my life!)

But deciphering which information to listen to and trust can leave you with a massive headache, or feeling even more inflamed! There is SO much to navigate, like which diet is right for your body and which types of exercises will help you feel strong and not depleted. Needless to say, this process can be so confusing! 

That is why I created this course. 

This 7-week experience is designed to help you confidently get started and be guided by someone who 100% gets it…

You will learn about optimizing your mindset, improving your nervous system functioning, diet, movement, and stress management techniques, specifically as they relate to MS- so you will never have to stare at your google search with your eyes glazed over again! 

At the end of the course, you'll leave with an action plan specifically designed for you, based on questionnaires taken throughout the course! No more guessing about what you need to do and when again!

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During these 7 weeks, we'll be covering..


Mindset Matters

One of the biggest drivers of success and change is our mindset about it. This can make or break an experience. We'll dive into how to cultivate a growth mindset over a victim mindset, go through daily journaling prompts that bring your closer to your overall goals and a healing guided meditation that you can always come back to.


Get your body on board

Our body does some wild things behind the scenes. Two of the parts working tirelessly is our lymph system and vagus nerve. Both of these need to be functioning properly in order for us to feel good in our bodies. In this module we'll work on optimizing them both and getting your body into a state of healing.


I got my diagnosis, now what?

A more in depth look into MS- how it happens, why it happens, so you feel empowered to take action. We'll discuss initial emotions about diagnosis and how to move through them so you don't feel stuck. Unfortunately most docs don't explain MS upon diagnosis, this will fill in the gaps.


Best foods for MS

What foods are inflammatory vs. anti-inflammatory and I'll teach you how to figure out which ones are right for your body specifically so that you can create your own unique diet to help your symptoms. We'll be focusing on slow and steady changes, no 180 turns over here!


Stress- more important than we think 

The impact of stress on MS and why it’s one of the most critical pieces of the healing puzzle. We'll discuss the neuroscience behind stress and ways to manage it, so that you can reduce one of the biggest MS triggers.


Movement, it matters

Which exercises can specifically help those with MS keep functionality and strength so that you feel strong and capable for years to come. We'll also cover specific brain "exercises" that you can do to help reduce pain, improve balance and walking!


Integration week

We'll talk more in-depth about how to make these changes sustainable habits for the long haul so that you feel confident moving forward. You'll leave this course with your own specific plan of action for the next few months based on which areas are a bigger "need" for you!

This course is perfect for you if:

You’re newly diagnosed with MS and are confused on what you should be doing differently- if anything

You've read about diet and lifestyle changes, but have no idea where to start or how to apply them to your life

You want to find new ways to help support MS besides medication

You’re tired of hearing “just take this medication for the rest of your life and you’ll be fine…” 

You are fatigued from google searching and going down rabbit holes for reliable information

You’ve tried all the things but nothing has helped you get the results you desire

You just can’t seem to make changes that stick and feel manageable with your lifestyle

You want one place to go to ask all your MS questions and get digestible answers

This course is not for you right now if:

You’re aren’t ready to commit to daily changes yet 

You’re happy with your medication regimen and don’t want to add anything

What is officially included in the course: 

  • 7 weeks of education and support around mindset, diet, stress management, and movement for MS with a new module released each week
  • Private Facebook group to ask questions and get support from your fellow classmates 
  • Weekly Q&A sessions
  • Option to include a 1:1 session with me at a discounted rate 
  • Lifetime access to the course and any updates

Investment: $222

Welcome week begins: August 2nd

Course begins: August 9th

Have questions or wondering if this is right for you? Email me at: info@liss-ms.com and we'll chat!

Imagine yourself 7 weeks from now. 

Can you picture it? 

After going through Holistically Healing MS you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and daily habits to be on your way to having more energy in your day to play with your kids, or meet up with friends or work a full day.

To have less pain and be able to go on walks or hikes and move freely in the world. 

To feel empowered in your MS journey, instead of afraid of the future.

Can you imagine living a life that isn’t dictated by your symptoms, but instead dictated by you? 

I’d love to support you through your MS journey so you undeniably KNOW you can still live a life you LOVE, will you join me?